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“Dirac sound improvement technology is utilized by BMW, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lear, movie theaters around the world, mobile phone manufacturers, and many other sound equipment manufacturers. B2World has advised us since 2004 and has been indispensable. What’s unusual about the services is the combination of exceptional analytical abilities with real business acumen. B2World’s work is of the highest international caliber, and is equally thorough in attention to the details of complex deals as in sensing the big picture and immediately grasping the gist of complex issues.”

Mathias Johansson, CEO, Dirac Research

“B2World represented BenQ (the Taiwanese equipment component manufacturer) and Qisda (the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer) in developing a strategy to deter corporations against buying microchips made in China which were infringing BenQ and Qisda’s patents. B2World delivered persuasive findings and a presentation before a global conference in Milan, Italy attended by large-scale corporations procuring microchips as core components of various types of technical products.”

BenQ and Qisda


“B2World has been advising us for 10 years or so now. We specialize in developing and globally distributing patented airplane tractors (i.e. vehicles used for towing airplanes within airports). B2World is a very reliable advisor—readily understanding our business / legal issues and helping us address them swiftly and effectively. “

Mats Petersson, CEO, Kalmar Motor AB

“For the last ten years, we’ve relied on B2World as our one-stop shop for all aspects of legal and business advice, from reseller agreements with smaller players in faraway countries to supporting us hands-on through tough and time-pressed negotiations of large business deals with major international corporations. I am deeply impressed over the speed and accuracy of B2World’s analysis, delivery, and profound understanding of our specific business requirements. Working with B2World has been rewarding, educational, and stimulating, I hope for B2World’s continued assistance in the promising years to come.”

Per Östlund, CEO, Roxen



“TeliaSonera is the largest provider of telephone and Internet capacity in both Sweden and Finland—with additional operations in Denmark, Norway, the Baltic region, Spain, Turkey, and Russia. B2World provided strategic business and legal support to TeliaSonera Global Accounts department in connection with optimizing the closure and upside of large-scale, multinational deals.”

Kjell Heidefors, Global Accounts, TeliaSonera

“After the Swedish and Finnish Central Securities Depositories were consolidated as the Nordic Central Securities Depository (“NCSD”), B2World developed a harmonized, work-flow process for efficiently and cost-effectively negotiating large-scale procurements of technology, including identifying best-practice supplier obligations. The result was a strategic approach blending best legal and business practices for such deals.”

Kjell Arvidsson, former CEO of NCSD , NCSD

“Stinson Partners specializes in turning around distressed technology companies. Our clients require assistance in rebuilding operations into more profitable structures. B2World advises us on structuring business cases and negotiating agreements. B2World brings sharp business competence to our discussions and provides ‘story lines’ or ‘what-if’ scenarios to cases we haven’t envisioned. B2World’s experience gives us foresight into potential outcomes of our business engagements, and instills a learning process. Other business and legal professionals we used in the past lacked the critical experience B2World offers.

Beth Topolovsky, CEO, Stinson Partners 

“B2World is an excellent partner for business/legal issues. I’ve worked with them for several years in negotiations with international partners and customers in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. B2World is quick and thorough.”

Håkan Engman, CEO, Agency9


“Despite our company’s failure to convince our group’s parent company to acquire an emerging competitor corporation, B2World worked with us to produce an acquisition business case so compelling the parent company reversed its position, acquiring the competing aerospace business for 10 Million USD.”

CEO, Anonymous Military Training Simulation Co

“B2World is highly skilled at taking existing assets (in my case, musical and literary works) and heightening, as well as expanding, revenue potential in a multitude of innovative contexts. Further, B2World helps pave the way for new opportunities by simplifying the legal and business issues to be resolved.“ 

Thomas Di Leva

“B2World offers a creative approach to negotiating and expanding the revenue potential of deals-as opposed to merely managing risks. B2World has helped us conclude deals with leading music publishing and music recording companies in the United States and Europe, involving the likes of ABBA, Roxette, Melodifestivalen, and many others.”

Carl Ljungström, CEO, Singbox

“Since 2002, B2World represented Ikivo in structuring / closing deals with Nokia, Motorola, Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Ericsson, Siemens, and many more cell-phone and chip manufacturers. B2world shares in Ikivo’s success of hitting the 600 million unit mark on embedded software deployments in products around the world.”

Bradley Sipes, CEO, Ikivo

“OssDsign AB is a Swedish med-tech company emerging from academic research by Clinical Researchers at Karolinska Hospital and Biomaterial Researchers at Uppsala University. OssDsign has developed a unique technology for 3-D printed, patient specific, bioactive implants addressing clinical complications related to traditional implant technologies. Key to OssDsign’s business objectives is a successful rollout in the U.S.—currently slated for 2017. B2World has been instrumental in the strategic work defining the market entry strategy, identifying/managing potential risks, and developing partner contracts. B2World’s in-depth understanding of the U.S. market combined with a motivation to understand our business and the specific challenges of a start-up with high ambitions added substantial value in our planning for the U.S. market introduction and OssDsign’s future success.”

Anders Lundqvist, CEO OssDsign AB

“I’ve been a client of B2World and its founder for over 10 years. The services provided, among others, have included business development, negotiations, and legal support in connection with a pharma company spun out of Harvard named Premacure (acquired by Shire Plc in 2013) as well as in developing the legal / commercial infrastructure for a successful real estate procurement and development company in the United States. B2World has been dependable, competent, and innovative in simplifying the challenges of doing business between Europe and the United States and in using legal and business know-how to expand commercial opportunities. Additionally, B2World has an extensive international network of advisors which proves helpful.

Bo Jacob Testor, Serial Entrepreneur

“B2World successfully advised Breiband.no (founded in 2003) on strategic and legal issues regarding the 2016 sale of Breiband.no to Satellite Solution Worldwide Grp PLC.

Jan-Tore Dannemark, CEO Breiband.no