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Legal Services

More Than “Legal Services,” We Provide a Global Business and Legal Support Team

In the vast sea of international business law and legal service offerings, your company needs more than a life preserver to thrive. B2World not only manages risks but helps empower safe passage to your desired business destinations, navigated by our extensive business and legal experience in closing deals with industry-leading companies around the world. See our Testimonial Portfolio for examples of our work.

We’ll Take You There

We understand businesses must manage the risks and rewards of supplier, partner, customer, and employee relationships—and comply with the laws of different countries where business is carried out. We also understand the importance of securing and safeguarding intellectual property rights (e.g., patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.), devising effective commercial models that are enforceable multi-nationally, and maintaining a caliber of business promoting (instead of undermining) investments and an exit down the line.

Economical and Revenue-Generating Legal Support

We essentially operate as internal legal counsel for clients, enabling an intimate support relationship without the expense of employing additional, or any, General Legal Counsel. We can lead negotiations, complement your negotiation team, or be a ghost in the machine, unseen by the counterparty but devising/adapting your negotiation strategy. Instead of hiring multiple lawyers for multiple legal areas and jurisdictions, if third parties are required (for instance, in foreign countries or within specialized fields), we streamline this process and minimize your costs. We also work diligently to unearth heightened and additional revenue generators—often resulting in unanticipated revenue far and above our legal fees.

Just Some of the Ways We Work for You

  • Legal and Business Analysis identifying how your company can minimize legal/business risks and optimize revenue generation
  • Core Business Contracts and Legal Infrastructure (specializing in an approach that is easily managed by sales staff and functions globally, thus minimizing escalations to legal counsel in multiple jurisdictions)
  • General Corporate Matters (such as business entity formations around the world, corporate governance processes and documents, business agreements between affiliated companies within a group)
  • Staffing Agreements (including employee incentive programs, employment agreements, consulting agreements)
  • Intellectual Property Protection (ensuring your company’s trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets remain pristine assets of your business)
  • Technology Exploitation and Transfer (having in-depth knowledge of agency, B2B and B2C licensing, distribution, private labeling, value-added reselling, embedded technology, SaaS, open source, source code licensing or purchases, intellectual property assignments, and many more arrangements)

Have a look at our Deal Map to see the places around the world where we have helped clients do business.

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