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Strategic Business Development

Providing the Important Big Picture “Road Map” for Your Business

Business modeling and expansion can be challenging for companies of any size. While there is no universal recipe for successfully building a company, founders and executives are often bombarded with opinions about the “best” approach for reaching business objectives. Without proper strategic business development (taking into consideration various commercial and legal issues), companies can consume large amounts of time and money trying to learn what to do, and more painfully, unlearning what not to do.

B2World’s unique approach enables your business to benefit from our vast experience and avoid making costly mistakes. We are not merely problem identifiers but problem solvers and opportunity generators. We distill your viable options and explain why certain alternatives are preferred. In addition to advising companies on global expansion, we know what practices to pursue and which to avoid for attracting investors and even acquirers down the line.

Having represented a broad range of companies in numerous industries around the globe, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in advising clients on big picture business development strategies to increase the speed of product/service launches, the amount of revenues, the global reach of market presence, and company valuations.

Our Business Development Services Take on the Strategic “Heavy Lifting”

  • Identifying and Refining all Revenue Generators
  • Logging Intellectual Property
  • Developing Business Models
  • Global Business Development and Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Investment Memoranda for Raising Capital and Recruiting Key Staff
  • International Expansion Requirements
  • Business Risk Management
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Dispute Resolution

Visit our Testimonial Portfolio to see how we have helped clients around the globe achieve international business objectives.

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