Empowering Companies Through Our Unique, Results-Driven Approach to
Business Development, Legal Services, and Negotiations.

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How We Work For You

Empowering Companies through Our Unique, Results-Driven Approach to Business Development, Legal Services, and Negotiations.

For more than 15 years, B2World has been a business and legal go-to resource for corporate leaders and companies of all sizes, and at every stage of growth—start-up, emergence, international expansion, dispute resolution, and exit. B2World’s unique blend of expertise within International Business Development, Legal Services, Foreign Expansion, Negotiations, and Finance (Exit and Investment) empowers companies to minimize risks and costs while simultaneously optimizing global business results.

Through our results-driven approach, we simplify the complexities of your international business and legal needs, streamline your processes, and expand your revenue-generation opportunities. B2World helps companies around the globe refine business models and conclude agreements in an array of industries, countries, and with a proven track record of deals with market leading counterparties such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney, Samsung, Siemens, and Warner Music, to name a few.

Have a look at our Testimonial Portfolio for more information about our experience.

Founded by American international business developer, lawyer, negotiator, and author Gary Guttenberg, B2World combines in-depth legal, business, and negotiation know-how to deliver clients a global business and legal support solution.

How We Are Different, and Why That Matters


We empower clients to not only avoid costly mistakes but to benefit from our broad business and legal experience. B2World does not merely identify problems—we solve problems and generate new opportunities for our clients.


Pragmatic Partnership

We operate like your business partner, enabling your company to be poised for investments, deals, and an exit. We isolate new and heightened revenue-generation opportunities while simultaneously managing risk. Our approach is pragmatic, allowing us to deliver value with speed—avoiding the all-too-common delays caused by overworking legal issues.

Tailored Strategic Planning

We work with you—developing a customized strategic plan to best manage your business needs and secure your defined objectives. Our role can be to lead you, support you, or operate behind the scenes on your behalf.

Our Work More Than Pays for Itself

While traditionally legal needs are solely a cost for companies and not a source of new or heightened revenue streams, we operate differently to promote a service level that more than pays for itself.

Creative Billing Alternatives

We work with clients to devise alternative and creative fee structures.

Visit our Testimonial Portfolio to see how we have helped companies around the globe achieve international business objectives.

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