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Foreign Expansion

It’s Not Such a Small World After All

The world can seem like a really big and daunting place when considering foreign business expansion. Given the vast array of alternatives for going abroad and the varying business, legal, financial, tax, and even reputational risks involved, corporate decision-makers can become overwhelmed.

In light of this, one of two polarized approaches may emerge among decision-makers when it comes to foreign business expansion. There is the bold, let’s-get-it-done approach, minimizing the importance of consulting experts in favor of time-to-market. And there is, conversely, the hyper-cautious approach, prioritizing airtight legal solutions at the risk of suffocating the momentum of business expansion.

B2World understands the fine details, and our approach is pragmatic. We help take the pain out of foreign expansion decision-making. We draw on our vast experience of advising clients in connection with doing business around the globe. We focus on “what” business models would best enable your company to expand throughout the global marketplace, and “how” to swiftly and manageably introduce such strategies into your prioritized foreign markets.

We take the legal risks and commercial rewards into consideration with an emphasis on not only maintaining, but also increasing the momentum of expansion and revenue generation of your business.

We Simplify the Complexities of Foreign Expansion

B2World meets with you, gathering necessary information to distill the opportunities and risks inherent to your projected foreign activities. We work with you (and any third-party service providers involved) to select the best courses of action, ensuring your objectives and strategies are reached efficiently and affordably. Services include:

  • Conducting and Supervising Foreign Legal, Business, and Tax Research
  • Forming Foreign Legal Entities
  • Structuring Desired Agreements Between Domestic Companies and Foreign Affiliates
  • Foreign Intellectual Property Protection (e.g., Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents)
  • Identifying and Developing Foreign Distribution/Sales Channel Strategies
  • Isolating the Core Legal Infrastructure for the Foreign Market
  • Harmonizing Standard Terms and Conditions for Foreign Markets
  • Preparing/Filing Immigration Documents for Foreign Staff
  • Foreign Employee Incentive Programs and Agreements
  • Foreign Dispute Resolution

Visit our Testimonial Portfolio page to see how we have helped companies achieve international business objectives around the globe.

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