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Finance (Exits and Investments) 2017-02-03T02:35:54+00:00
Finance (Exits and Investments)

Finance (Exits and Investments)

Exit Strategies and inbound Investment Opportunities may be at the forefront of the corporate “wish list” but often find their place on the back burner until the urgent need for either arises. The executive management of many companies is tasked with the dual objectives of increasing revenues and attracting investors and/or acquirers. For some companies, achieving a strategic advantage over competitors by acquiring assets or perhaps acquiring other businesses can be a core objective.

Our unique blend of international business, law, and negotiation experience, as well as our broad network of finance partners, enables B2World to strategically support our clients’ exit, acquisition, and investment needs.

To best promote such varying strategic interests, we assist with:

  • Business Plans and Investment Memoranda (in connection with attracting investments, courting potential acquirers, as well as recruiting key personnel)
  • Corporate Fund Raising (through debt and/or equity, we coordinate the necessary support from third-party finance partners, tax lawyers, and foreign counsel)
  • Due Diligence (whether helping an acquirer conduct a due diligence of an acquisition candidate or advising a target company on how to resolve any legal/business deficiencies to increase the exit valuation of the company)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (devising and negotiating deal terms)
  • Exit Strategies (working often in conjunction with a finance partner in developing a strategy for bringing potential acquirers to the negotiation table)

Visit our Testimonial Portfolio to see how we have helped companies around the globe achieve international business objectives.

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